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About Bridging Families & Communities (BFC)



BFC’s mission is to address the unmet needs of children of families with high- conflict and/or domestic violence.


Bridging Families and Communities

BFC is a service partnership funded by The Children’s Trust and designed and fiscally managed by the Advocate program.  The partnership is a community-based interagency team responsible for implementing and overseeing home-based services and care coordination for children of domestic violence and high-conflict families in Miami-Dade County.  The collaborative is comprised of 44 agencies, including members of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida, Miami Dade Public Schools, law enforcement, the State Attorney’s Office, the United Way, domestic violence shelters and other community providers.  This system of care is parent-driven, child-centered and focuses on families’ strengths and needs in an easily accessible, culturally sensitive manner.

BFC is funded by The Children’s Trust. The Children’s Trust is a dedicated source of revenue established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County.


BFC’s vision is to build the community’s awareness and capacity to identify children exposed to domestic violence and high-conflict, and provide access to coordinated, comprehensive services through a family-centered system of care to improve the well being of children and families.


Goals of Bridging Families & Communities include:

• Improving mental health & social outcomes for children exposed to high-conflict and domestic violence;bringing communities and families together

• Improving coordinated services for children & families;

• Empowering families as full partners and key decision makers;

• Expanding the capacity & variety of community based services;

• Improving information sharing and facilitating partnerships with community providers and families;

• Providing care for children in the least restrictive environment;

• Providing community-based & culturally-competent service plans & service delivery.


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