The Advocate Center for Treatment & Training (ACTT)

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ACTT is staffed by qualified and licensed professionals with advanced degrees in mental health, marriage and family therapy and social work, and have extensive experience and training in substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, domestic violence, anger control, parenting skills, group and individual psychotherapy. All services are provided to meet the clients’ needs therefore, all services in addition to being offered during the day are also offered on evenings and weekends.

ACTT is licensed by the Department of Children and Families to provide substance abuse treatment and aftercare, and is contracted to provide these services to the United States Probation and Pretrial Services System as well as the Florida Department of Corrections. To learn more about the Program’s advocacy for the “What Works” agenda

Program clinicians are well versed in establishing a therapeutic team with the referral agency and maintaining open communication with any probation officer, other supervisory authority or referral source. Our main goal is to provide treatment to reduce recidivism by indentifying the relational dynamics between the existing substance abuse or mental health symptoms and the continued involvement with the criminal justice system.

Clinical Services

The Advocate Program, through ACTT, offers the following clinical services

Substance abuse evaluations

Mental health evaluations

Individual psychotherapy

Outpatient substance abuse treatment

Family therapy

Supervised Visitation groups

Co-Parenting groups

Educational Sessions

Facilitated by Bachelor- and Masters-level clinicians with a number of years in educational and psycho-educational fields, the Program strives to set an educational standard for South Florida. Using the latest cognitive behavioral and motivational interviewing skills, the educational component aims to achieve behavioral change in the clients served. Classes are currently offered that integrate the latest evidence-based techniques. To learn more about ACTT classes

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To learn more about The Advocate Program’s treatment programs or to find out how you can obtain training and/or treatment for employees of your agency, school or business, please call (305) 704-0200” href=” (305) 704-0200” target=”_self” data-mce-selected=”inline-boundary” data-cp-link=”1″>(305) 704-0118.

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