Community Service Supervision and Education Programs

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Community Services

Though many Advocate Program clients perform community service as part of their required participation in felony or misdemeanor diversion or probation programs, others are referred to the Advocate Program for fulfillment of their community service requirements only. These clients are placed with local, non-profit agencies in need of volunteers, based on interest, location and the number of hours required. Participation is monitored and reported to the Court by the Advocate Program.

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Non-Court Ordered Classes and Groups

In many situations, law enforcement and other social service agencies will refer clients to certain classes offered by the Advocate Program. Referring agencies may include the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC), Federal Probation, the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), the Department of Children and Families (DCF), and others. While participating clients are not under the Advocate Program’s legal supervision, referring agencies are kept informed of clients’ progress.

Referring agencies include:

• Federal Probation
• Eckerd Youth Alternative Correctional Agencies
• Other correctional agencies located outside Miami-Dade jurisdiction


The Advocate Program incorporates a cognitive behavioral curriculum in all of its psycho- educational groups. Correctional research has shown that cognitive behavioral approaches, compared to other methodologies, are the most effective in reducing re-offending. Role-playing, group discussion and problem solving exercises are used in all of the groups, and an extensive array of research materials, handouts, and video presentations are available to participants. Groups are conducted in both English and Spanish. Additionally, selected groups are available in an accelerated format.

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