Educational Sessions

It’s not just what we do, but what we make happen

Anger Management (10, 2 hour sessions)

Utilizing the latest evidence-based techniques, participants are coached to manage and deal properly with anger and learn about the importance of empathy and proper coping skills.

Parenting (12, 2 hour sessions)

Utilizing the evidenced-based curriculum “Nurturing Parenting”, this course strives to impart to participants the importance of healthy, nurturing parenting.

Values I (4 hours, 1 session)

This course targets low-risk offenders and introduces concepts such as criminogenic thinking. Special emphasis is placed on the need for offenders to evaluate their thought processes, and to restructure those and their behavior process to reduce re-offending.

Values II (4 hours, 1 session)

This course targets medium- and high-risk offenders. It goes beyond the identification of criminogenic thinking and explores offenders’ current and past interpersonal and social contexts, encouraging increased awareness of factors that contribute to criminogenic thought.

Drugs and Alcohol I (4 hours)

Designed for low-risk offenders, this course uses the latest National Institute on Drug Abuse and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration guidelines, providing participants with increased awareness of the physical, psychological and emotional effects of their substance use. It introduces the possibility for future treatment, and provides community resources for that treatment.

Drugs and Alcohol II ( 12 hours, 3 sessions)

For medium- to high-risk offenders, this course incorporates Drugs and Alcohol I course material and includes information on relapse prevention, enabler dynamics and further substance abuse treatment.

Juvenile Seminar (4 hours, 1 session)

For juveniles in diversion programs, this course utilizes the latest motivational interviewing techniques, and provides participants with increased awareness of the importance of responsible behavior and the influence of social and interpersonal contexts on criminal behavior.

HIV Education (4 hours, 1 session)

Utilizing the latest information from the Center for Disease Control, Care Resource and other sources, this class provides information on safer sex practices, condom negotiation, methods of transmission, testing windows and sites, etc.

Concealed Weapons Education (4 hours, 1 session)

Utilizing the latest information on concealed weapons laws as they pertain to concealed weapons charges, this class provides participants with an increased awareness of the applicability of these laws, and teaches the necessity for responsible gun use and safety.

Fish and Wildlife Education (4 hours, 1 session)

Teaching eco-responsibility and sustainability, this class uses the latest Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission information on hunting and fishing laws and provides increased awareness of their applicability.

All classes are available virtually. If you need to enroll for any of the above or need to make a referral email

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