Misdemeanor Probation Services

It’s not just what we do, but what we make happen

Advocate Program is the sole provider for misdemeanor probation in Miami-Dade and Volusia County. The goal of our work is to ensure that individuals meet their court order conditions and succeed in probation while opening a pathway to well-being and recovery. Our services are balanced between compliance and social work so that the wellbeing, integrity, and safety of all individuals is me

Probation Supervision

Individuals determined to be guilty of a criminal or traffic offense and sentenced to probation are placed under the supervision of the Advocate Program. Probationers are required to comply with general conditions which may include participation in educational classes or groups offered by the Program, as well as any special conditions imposed by the sentencing judge. The Advocate Program monitors the probationer’s compliance and notifies the Court of any possible violations of probation.

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