Sealing & Expunging

It’s not just what we do, but what we make happen


secure personal documentsThe Advocate Program, Inc. provides general information regarding the process of sealing and expunging of arrest records.

 Services Include:

• Provision of Forms;

• Obtaining records from the Clerk of Courts;

• Processing of application with State’s Attorney Office;

• Notarization of documents;

• Obtaining FDLE approval.

For more details call

305-704-0200 ext 165



The Advocate Program does not provide legal advice or provide legal representation. We are not a law firm and our employees are not acting as paralegals or attorneys. The Program is not authorized to offer legal advice, and anyone who enrolls remains fully responsible for the proper completion of all required documents. Should you have specific legal questions you should consult a lawyer for legal advice. We only provide general services and public legal forms to participants. If you have an attorney please consult him or her.

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